The JSL Project

Jeffrey Stephen Lamont is the brother of the owner, who unfortunately passed on from this world too soon. Mike and Jeff both had an interest in firearms as adults but sadly were not able to share experiences too much before Jeff's passing at the young age of 21. Jeff had a rare form of cancer call Rhabdomyosarcoma or RMS which slowly destroyed his physical self over a five year period. Instead of enjoying the typical plethora of teenage high-school shanagans, he spent much of his time in and out of hospitals and speciality care units testing, scanning and treating what they could until on September 21st of 2007, when he passed on, leaving the body that had restricted him long enough. 

It was during these following years that Mike's passion for firearms was throughly embraced as a positive distraction from attempting to deal with the reality of loosing one of his closest friends, and only brother. 

It was through tinkering, researching, training and competing that Mike was able to occupy his mind with something that brought feelings of accomplishments, joy, pride and self confidence. If only there was a way to use those skills and passion in support of others who may need something positive to help focus and build new relationships. This is the heart of the JSL Program. This one life we have can be cut short at anytime and we believe in helping others while we can as many of us consider ourselves so fortunate and we wish to share this with others, bring some happiness into this world and help create a stronger American firearms culture.....together. 

More specifically, the JSLP provides firearm fundamentals safety programs, sponsors and contributes to community shooting events in anyway possible to bring education, safety, responsibility and fun to all who wish to learn or continue their personal journey towards improvement. 

Have an event you'd like to host, or need a sponsor or support for a firearms/collector/military outing? Thoughts on how we can expand or improve? Let us know HERE. 


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