Unwanted Items & Your Options

When it comes to inheriting or finding items like firearms, its easy to be confused or concerned about the safe and legal options. We offer a a few solutions to this issue to make things as simple as possible. 



If you have an item(s) that you simply want removed and out of your possession, we can safety check them and remove from your residence providing all the appropriate, legal paperwork. You can specify your preferred intent (E.G. sell and donate the funds to my local V.A.) or we can match them with a collector who will enjoy and care for it for the future. You can donate items to us directly and the proceeds from any sales will be invested into our outreach programs. 


Sell on your behalf

We can take possession of an item(s) and sell it for you on consignment, placing it on an auction to get the largest possible return. We can also make a cash offer to purchase directly from you. All legal paperwork will be provided. 


Deactivation & Destruction options