Unique Personalizations

Purists and collectors will agree that original condition examples are king. So there is a tendency to "restore" anything not in factory condition. 

One collector believes that these 'personalizations' are a part of the items history and help tell the story of the previous owners and how they intended to use them. 

Let's take a look at a few, one of a kind, customizations. 


Little ace

The previous owner of this Little Ace made an interesting addition to the barrel sight. Secured with what appears to be an epoxy resin, a top rib/barrel sight was added, presumably to aid in faster sight acquisition. 



Lets take a closer look at this at this barrel sight. 

Upon closer inspection it does appear that this top rib was secured with epoxy resin due to the overflow and leftover bits seen here:


 Additionally, it appears that during the hardening process (which can take hours) the sight slipped slightly and hardened off center. 


The new sight looks to be a piece of steel machined to fit over the original front sight.

The slight off set must have been good enough or too much trouble to remove and reapply as it was purchased in this condition. 


Four Aces 

He we have an example of a Four Aces derringer with custom grips and a blackened frame and barrels, most likely for carry. 



These custom grips are two piece grips made from a block of aluminum and secured with two screws and two nuts. The aluminum was relief cut on the inside to accommodate the existing grip and the stabilizing pin, which keeps them secure and without movement. 


Despite their 'unique' appearance and resembling and oversized boot grip, they feel extremely comfortable in the hand. 

The fit is not bad, but not great either. The most important thing is that they are secure and comfortable. 

Finally a close up on the blackening done to the brass and barrels. 

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