Knives, Print Ads, and other accessories


As of this publication, two styles of knives have been identified. The first is the style above with brass and black plastic that matches the 'Little Ace' and the '4-Aces'. These are Japanese steel knives that were cut before adding a rod and end cap to accommodate this grip style and accent pieces. 



Here we can see evidence of the welding beneath the grips:

 The suspicion is that the knives were purchased and then customized and engraved with Erls name. 


Knife and '4-Aces' combo sheath

This combination had a hunting knife and sheath with a seperate holster/sheath on the front for a '4-Aces' derringer. 


The second type identified is a similar hunting knife style but in this case the handle is just the black and brass with no wood. The name 'Erl Svendsen' is engraved and color filled in on the top strap of the blade in this case. 




It is believed that the holsters were purchased and not made by Svendsen or his companies, but like the knives were possibly customized after purchasing. The example shown here was originally purchased from Erls shop along with the 'Pony Express' pictured.  


Cleaning rods

This diminutive cleaning rod was found in a Little Ace box still wrapped up in the original paper, never used and still with original grease. 

Clearing Rods


Promotional Matchboxs

While operating under the name Erl Svendsen Fire Arms Company Inc. (ESFAC, INC) these little promotional matchboxes were produced. Just like the '4-Aces' pictured on the front, these were very tiny boxes of surprising quality and marked "Made in Sweden" on the back.

Note the 9x19mm cartridge for scale. 




Print Ads


"Pony Express" 


*from Guns magazine, 1955. 



"Little Ace" 

*from Guns & Ammo magazine, 1965. 





"4-Aces" derringer


The "Cased Sets"




From the desk of...

Below are some original memo sheets from Erl's desk. 

A special thanks for a fellow collector for sharing these. 


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