Erl Svendsen

was a firearms maker from Chicago Illinois. He had multiple shops around the area produced the Pony Express revolver and the Little Ace derringer. located in Norridge then Itasca before finally moving to Brownsville, Texas in the early 1970's.

There he continued producing the Little Ace derringers, Four Aces derringer, Pocket Pony and the Cased Sets under the name 'Erl Svendsen Firearm Manufacturing Company' then Erl Svendsen Firearms Company (ESFAC) and eventually '4 Ace Mfg. Inc'.

No 'Pony Express' revolvers are thought to be produced while operating in Texas however... anything is possible. 


We made a small YouTube presentation about the different known models and can be viewed here:

Additionally, Mr. Ed Buffaloe has written an excellent article on his website The Unblinking Eye and can be read by CLICKING HERE



Little Ace Derringer

"The worlds smallest real derringer"

Little Ace

A single action, single shot derringer in .22 short.

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Four Aces

What's better than an ace up your sleeve? How about 4.

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Pony Express

A six shot, single action revolver in .22LR and .38 special.

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Pocket Pony - Mod. 1

A smaller version of the 'Pony Express' revolver chambered in .22LR.

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  • Listed below are some of the serial number records available.

  • 'Little Ace' derringer

    Serial Number Range: #15-7632

  • '4 Aces' derringer

    Serial Number Range: #10-4704

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