• Education & Training

    We offer a few fundamental courses for the new shooter or those interested in learning about firearms in general.

  • Research, Documentation, Appraisals, Application Assistance

    Interested in finding out more about a family heirloom or curious about the history of an 'old gun' you have in your collection? We can help procure factory authenticity letters as well as providing appraisals for sale/insurance. We can also provide assistance with various applications.

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  • Inherited or Unwanted Items

    Sometime we inherit firearms or other items we just dont know how to deal with. We provide you with options and all the legal paperwork.

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  • Preservation, Cleaning, Cosmoline Removal

    We offer historic preservation as well as general cleaning services and cosmoline removal for your surplus firearms.

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  • Collection Curation

    Let us help you find the illusive piece your collection is missing.

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  • Film, TV and literature consultations

    Looking for historically correct weapons for your next film, book or show? We are happy to provide research, guidance and training for writers, crew and/or actors.

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  • Free Resources

    Free resources to aid in the quest for knowledge.